Shelf installation, warehouse equipment, dismantling

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The company offers various types of services related to warehouse equipment and shelving assembly, disassembly. SIA "OCCIDO" was founded in 2007 with the aim of creating a quality warehouse and shop equipment installation company, which has become one of the leading companies in the Baltic States in this field.

10 years, the company has gained experience in assembling / dismantling all kinds of shelves, from pallet racks, console shelves, mobile shelves, drive-in shelving systems to the Shuttle shelf and archive shelving systems. Experience has also been gained in the assembly of various platforms or mezzanine platforms, and other types of services that allow you to develop business opportunities.

The company employs the very best assembly staff who carry out their work duties professionally, confidently and with the utmost responsibility. Since 2016, we have also been active in the French territory.

We work with the following world-famous manufacturers:
SSI Schafer, Stow, Mecalux, Ohra, Brannehylte, Ross, Bito, Tegometall,
Kimer, Garantell, Fischer Lagertechnik GmbH, Esmena, Interroll, Flowrack and others.

Our major achievements:


We provide high quality assembly and disassembly services for all types of store and warehouse equipment. Our staff will install any purchased system as well as installation of already existing or new purchased systems in accordance with previously agreed projects in different European countries.

Assembling of warehouse equipment

  • Pallet rack mounting
  • Archival shelving assembly
  • Shuttle system shelving assembly
  • Drive in system rack mounting
  • Mobile shelving assembly
  • Assembly of shelves for consoles
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All types of assembly and dismantling works

  • Mezzanine platforms and mezzanine shelves assembling 
  • Tent assembling 
  • Inductive control cable assembly 
  • Fencing assembly 
  • Other types of work related to warehouse and shop installation
  • Line painting
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Used shelving trading

Good prices we offer the opportunity to buy different sizes of shelves.


Our office is located in Braslas street 20, Riga, working hours on working days from 8.00 to 17.00

Company name: "Occido", Ltd.

Reg.No.:: 40003951346

Legal address: Braslas iela 20, Rīga, LV-1084

Phone: +371 265 388 28

Working time:

Monday: 8.00–17.00

Tuesdays: 8.00–17.00

Wednesday: 8.00–17.00

Thursday: 8.00–17.00

Piektdiena: 8.00–17.00